Principal: Maria Crosbie
Licence No: 1708162
Licensed Conveyancer & Justice of the Peace

11 Donahue Close, Prairiewood NSW 2176

Phone: 0438 567 053



My name is Maria Crosbie and after spending over 20 years providing my conveyancing expertise and services to various Sydney law firms in both the city and suburbs, I decided it was time to commence my own conveyancing practice in 2013.

I have extensive legal experience in both residential and commercial conveyancing in NSW. This includes:

  • acting for buyers and sellers of real estate (home, unit, townhouse or land)
  • acting for buyers and sellers of a business or chattels
  • acting for landlords and tenants on retail or commercial leases, surrender of leases, assignment of leases, subleases and variation of leases
  • transferring property between family members or related companies
  • preparation and registration of caveats, withdrawal of caveats, notice of death
  • preparation and registration of cancellations and variations of various easements, covenants and change of by-laws
  • preparation and registration of mortgages or discharge of mortgages, refinancing transactions
  • acting for client developers relating to registration of plans of subdivision

When it comes to entering into any type of Contract, the experience can be daunting and stressful. I can remove the legal jargon and provide you with reliable legal advice in simple and easy to understand advice and steps.

As I am the sole principal of the firm, and fully qualified with extensive experience, you are guaranteed that you will only be dealing with me, from start to finish. I will guide you through every step of any conveyancing matter, and ensure your interests are protected at all times.

Nowadays we lead busy lives and I understand and appreciate that there are times you may not be able to attend my office in Prairiewood during normal business hours. For your convenience, I can arrange to meet with you after hours or weekends either at my office or at your home or work place.

My aim is to provide you with reliable, quality and professional legal conveyancing services at an affordable price. Please feel free to call me for any information you need. It will give you the chance to find out how I can look after you.


9.00am to 7.00pm

9.00am to 12.00pm

By Appointment Only